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Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, jobs, careers, businesses or organisations. Through the relationship,  the process of coaching, clients widen and deepen their learning. The clients improve their performance and enhance their quality of life. In each session, the client chooses the focus of the coaching, while the coach listens and clarifies with observations and questions. The interaction is key and opens up ideas for the client to action. Coaching allows the client to accelerate their progress, provide greater focus and awareness of choice. Life coaching concentrates on where the client is now and where they want to be, the results are a combination of intentions and actions.

Where coaching, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), is not overcoming an issue, then I can use Hypnotherapy to treat an issue for my client.This can make a significant difference in a client realising their goals or objectives.
As a life coach  the ability to see the talents, challenges and goals from a person's Soul Plan is extremely empowering for both the client and the coach. To understand the worldly and spiritual aspects of a client's life possibilities, is the opportunity to open directions, experiences,that may have never been uncovered with standard life coaching strategies.

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