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Client reviews:

Short quote - Joan
I started my first life coaching sessions with Brian a month after returning to work from maternity leave. Brian has enabled me to reflect on my new life, to figure out what it is I needed to do to get a healthy work life balance and be the 'best that I can be' for my daughter, husband, family and career.

Having a child - Sonia
Having a child completely changed my life. I no longer prioritised my job and working with Brian helped me work out and achieve my new goals. 

Thank you Brian - Honorine
Thank you so much Brian for everything. You have shifted procrastination in me by what must have appeared to be a very simple session in time management. I feel at long last that I can really make this transition work for once. All the other coaches I've worked with kept going back to my self belief and missed the point. Thank you again and I'll be back soon

My experience with Brian - Lee Baines 
I have struggled with alcohol issues for many years now; having tried traditional rehab and I have also had many traditional therapy sessions over the years with very little success. Brian was recommended to me by a friend, as an alternative option. Of course I was anxious, and sceptical around hypnosis and its effectiveness, however once I decided to contact Brian I immediately felt comfortable with him as he explained the entire process to me. I wanted to try and really understand the route of my personal issues, many of which I have now learnt were in my subconscious mind. After talking things through with him, I felt like he understood why I was seeing him, and felt hopeful that he'd be able to help me. The process began and he then started to count backwards really slowly and it was a strange feeling like I was getting sleepy. He made me imagine myself in a happy, safe place, and while I was in that place, I felt more confident than I had done in years, all whilst in the comfort and safety of my own home.He has made a huge change in my life; I have a much more positive outlook now. I think back to that dark previous place in my mind and find strength from there somehow to move forward. I'm not really sure how it works but I have felt different since having my hypnotherapy sessions.I have already recommended Brian and hypnotherapy as a whole too many people, as I can see the positives first hand, and the success it has had on me, and I can only thank Brian for that.

 Career Coaching/NLP - Nick
I was facing some challenges at work and on recommendation I visited Brian for some coaching and advice. Brian style was very relaxing and put me completely at ease (was a little nervous at first I must admit). Finally, I have already recommended Brian to a very good personal friend of mine and the feedback I have had is extremely positive. I hope this helps........Nicholas_82 

Thank you from a grateful father.
I took my daughter to see Brian as a last resort. She had issues mainly revolving around an abusive relationship, problems at work and also from a car accident, she was involved in as a passenger. Brian has an amazing knack of putting you at ease from the word go (and I wasn't the client!). All her issues were worked on, and by giving my daughter the skills, tools  and confidence she has now moved forward with  her life. . .end result? one driving test (theory and practical) - passed, one newly qualified hairdresser and no ex boyfriend issues. Thanks Brian, you made a difference, not one person but indirectly a whole family. Thanks again.   
Shakira Menandez Thank you Brian by Shakira.
 I first got in contact with Brian after I browsed his website. The layout of the website was very good and was easy to understand what kind of things Brian could help you with. I met Brian for my first session and felt totally at ease talking to Brian about the issues which were giving me allot of pain and trouble. These were causing me not only within my mind but physically as well, Brians technique of explaining things to you is very logical and he gave me in depth understanding, about my problems and what was behind them that were causing me so much pain and hurt. Brian explains things in such a simple way, that you can take in and start to help yourself as well.I found with Brian I could talk to him about anything, this I have never done with anyone else. At each point and session Brian will ask you how you are feeling and will look at different ways, which will help to overcome the issues. I have seen many therapist and counsellors but none of them could really explain to me and understand me, what the real issues were. Talking to Brian and meeting him regularly ,I have found that I can overcome my issues. Now I can see in a positive manner how I can overcome my problems and, which have plagued me for years. For the first time in my life can look at things in a positive manner and move on and enjoy my life. I have recommended Brian to many of my friends and family aswell,Thank you Brian for all your help and support

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